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A healthier you
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A healthier you
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I'm Lisa Ward, pleased to meet you

After a career in Banking of 32 years & entering my 50th year, I took that bold step & decided to follow my passion and embark on an exciting new venture into the world of Nutrition & Fitness. Now as a qualified Nutrition & Weight Management Adviser, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor, I am still helping people, but in a different way & transforming their lives.

Nothing motivates me more than helping my clients not only achieve above & beyond their weight loss/management, nutritional and/or fitness goals but become inspired, more confident, happier, motivated, healthier versions of themselves.

My approach is simple but extremely effective – no calorie or macronutrient counting, no fads, just teaching you, coaching & supporting you to make healthier choices & become a healthier version of you for life, through a personalised, individual, exceptional service.


Creating the right
Nutritional Service

By getting to know you, your lifestyle, any challenges you may face & your personal goals, I will work with you, making incremental steps that you feel that you can achieve, week on week and which will also benefit the family & it doesn’t matter where you live!

How do I do this?

  • Initial consultation via video call
  • Detailed analysis of your current diet
  • Up to weekly reviews via video call including recommendations 
  • Minimum of 8 week programme with the option to extend 
  • Optional ongoing monthly maintenance programme & support

Take on
Personal Training

By understanding you & your fitness goals I will deliver a personalised programme, showing & teaching you the correct way to undertake an exercise, keeping you safe whist achieving amazing results.

All personal training is currently undertaken locally here in North Devon at the client’s home or in the great outdoors!

For those clients living further a field, personal training sessions can be carried out via live video.

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Happy clients

  See what Lisa's clients say about her! Read more reviews on her Facebook page.  

Sarah McDonald

When I started my weight loss sessions with Lisa, I set myself a goal of losing 1/2 a stone in 8 weeks as in previous experiences, my weight loss fluctuated and I found it hard work to lose it.

With Lisa's detailed analysis of my food diaries along with recipe suggestions and support I've lost over a stone in 12 weeks.

I'm feeling more energetic, confident and healthy and I've now got the tools and confidence to continue. I can't thank you enough Lisa for what you've helped me to achieve. I'm over the moon and I can't put a price on how much better I feel.

Tracey Turner

Having been friends with Lisa since 1981 I felt that she would be the right person to help me sort my eating out.

Trying to juggle 12.5hr nursing shifts, an illness and entertaining my grandchildren one day a week usually left me reaching for a sugary snack.

Lisa has helped me analyse my diet, encourage me to plan and prepare. By adjusting my plate and what I am eating helps me feel fuller for longer. By drinking more water I also don’t feel so bloated or need so much caffeine.

Lisa has also taught me that I should be happy with the way I look and that I actually don’t need to lose weight. Exercise does fit into my life style but I now know I don’t have to feel guilty if I don’t exercise on all of my days off!!

Hope to link up with you again to do some PT one day and of course catch up as friends for a glass of champagne!! 🥂🥂

Thanks Lisa 😘😘

Janice White

Her knowledge is exceptional and she understands that we have good days and bad days with nutrition, I've really enjoyed working with her.

Lou Ledbury

I was stuck in a rut, weight piling on & Lisa's post popped up, a very dear & long time friend, so I reached out.

Thank goodness I did! In 12 weeks I have lost a stone & 25 inches of naughty fat, gone for good!

I cannot recommend LW enough, she knows her stuff inside & out & explains everything so well.

My mindset around food,& nutrition has changed completely, it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle & one that will keep all the nasties; diabetes etc at bay; my main reason for starting the journey.

Lise, I cannot thank you enough for your help & support, my journey with you isn't ending, my life is starting again.

If you need help, reach out.

If Lisa can help me, she can help anyone.

Danielle Perryman

Lisa put me on the right path to have a healthy relationship with food..

I lost a stone in the 7 weeks I was doing it and now feel I have the tools to continue.

Lisa is so supportive and very easy and friendly to talk to.

If you are looking for a way to eat better and feel healthier then don't delay.

Thank you so much Lisa

Sarah Thorne

I have worked with Lisa for 8 weeks.

She taught me so much about my nutrition and kept me going with our weekly video chat and recipe ideas.

She is an amazing lady and her knowledge is outstanding.

I would recommend her to everyone because she believes in her clients and she made me feel happy again with myself.

If anyone has struggled with their weight or nutrition, get in touch.

Don't leave it until tomorrow, or next week or the new year.

Do it now, because you are the only that can change with a lovely lady helping you along the way.

Brooke Maddison

I underwent Lisa's nutritional programme a month ago.

Lisa has enhanced my knowledge greatly on my food choices, and inspired me to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

I would recommend Lisa for anyone looking to make a change to their health - she is worth every penny.

It is a personalised, professional & exceptional service.

Thank you Lisa, I will use the knowledge obtained forever x

Ailsa Elkins-McDonald

Have been seeing Lisa since September I have lost over 2 stones in 4 months.

Her knowledge is amazing and Lisa listens to what support you need.

I have still enjoyed all my favourites!

This is isn't a diet plan but a lifestyle change which you can carry on.

Thanks Lisa for all the help and advice.