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Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to find & visit me - welcome & please do take a good look around whilst you're here!

Being a woman in my 50's, I know how the various life stages can affect us and our bodies.

This can be from how we feel about ourselves, how we perceive ourselves and our bodies, how happy we are inside & out, how confident we are within to feeling healthy & alive.

Through my nutrition & lifestyle coaching, the biggest feedback I get from my ladies and all my clients, is around the total change & shift in mindset they experience and the most common phrase I hear is: "You've changed my life Lisa."

Please check out my client success page to learn more & to see the changes for yourself. They are truly incredible!

Of course the great news is, I can work with you wherever you are, whether that's in the UK or further a field.

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Nutrition Coaching

One of the key things I want you to get from working with me, is for you to be confident & able to either maintain your results or continue your journey. You'll have all the tools & knowledge to be able to progress without giving up the things you enjoy or depriving yourself - life is for living!

By getting to know you, your lifestyle, any challenges you may face, including any trigger points (such as emotional eating) & any root causes you may have, I will work with you one on one to help you manage these situations going forward.

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Providing support and accountability

Making long-term, sustainable changes. Whether your goals are related to weight loss, nutrition, performance, or improving your relationship with food and ending the perpetual dieting, ensuring you are making the changes that are compatible with your lifestyle through guidance and support.


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If you're waiting for the perfect or right time, that time may never come, as we will always have things going on, that's life!

This is where I come in! I can help tailor your nutrition to your busy lifestyle so you can be successful no matter what life throws at you & to cater for your social life without giving up the things you enjoy.

I keep a small client base so that I can give you the absolute best-personalised attention, support, guidance & coaching but ultimately adapting to suit you & fit in with you.

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