Lou Evans

Wow! Everyone please meet Lou! When I started working with Lou she had a very negative perception & spoke negatively of herself Often making jokes about herself. She is a full-time working Mum, juggling school life & family life and always putting her family & work above herself.  She had early childhood memories of her father making comments about her "weight" which she had carried with her into adulthood, making her very conscious of how she looked.
If you're struggling to get back on track like I was, kids, work, housework all too much...everyone else to look after but yourself...that was me. I didn't know Lisa before, and Google searched her. What a great find! She helped me get myself back on track with gentle but direct advise which enabled me to consider myself when preparing food etc. Alo throughout my journey I found the strength, confidence (call it what ya like..for me, I found the balls haha) to join a gym. I used to enjoy the gym & Im actually back. I'm not a spring chicken either. With Lisa's help, I honestly do feel like I've finally got to where I wanted to be, slimmer & a better mindset but I also know if I have a little wobble (or a big one) I can call on her and she'll have my back. If you sign up with Lisa, I won't say good luck 'cos you won't need it, I'll say enjoy xxxx

Lou has achieved so many amazing things, not only did she lose over 15 inches of body fat, but she learnt so much about herself. The whole experience made her look at things differently, giving her the confidence to look at her work life & make some decisions about her priorities and what she wanted. I am so proud of her; she now feels that she has a "normal behaviour" around food & is now fueling herself correctly for her vegetarian diet. She used to feel embarrassed by the way she looked, so it's great to hear she can now finally look in the mirror, feel good & confident in herself. Huge congratulations!

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