Meet my amazing clients

It gives me great pleasure & pride to be able to introduce you to a handful of some of my previous clients & to be able to share their amazing stories with you! A huge thanks & shout out to them too!

Whilst they all had their own specific challenges, things to overcome, learn & manage, their own personal goals & different lifestyles, they all had similar things in common.

They had all struggled in the past to find something that worked for them long term, felt like nothing would ever change for them, did not feel good about themselves, lacked motivation & felt like they had to be on a "diet" to get results.

But wow! Look at them now!

The great thing is that they are all continuing to progress, and that's because they have the knowledge, tools & confidence without restriction and all know what to do to reset when needed.


Featured Client

"I'm absolutely stunned! I had to measure 3 TIMES around my tummy, I truly can't believe it."

When I started working with this lady she:

  1. Felt tired & sluggish.
  2. Was experiencing the effects of perimenopause.
  3. Constantly thinking about her "weight" & feeling disappointed in herself. Wanted to stop sucking in her tummy when she walked past her partner or the mirror.
  4. Craved sugary foods.

And wow! Just 8 weeks later, she had achieved a staggering loss of 20.5 cm! Was no longer "punishing" herself or feeling "guilty" or craving sugar which was "a big shock." She had more energy, felt good about herself & no longer felt the need to suck in her tummy! Huge congratulations!


Featured Client

" I don't know what it is about you Lisa, but you're just brilliant!"

Over the past few years, this lady sadly had been through so much including overcoming some serious health issues.

All of this had led to weight gain as she was using food as a comfort.

Whilst she felt uncomfortable in her clothes & looking at herself in the mirror she continued to comfort eat. 

And here she is 8 weeks later! Not only did she lose a whopping 11.5 inches in body fat, but can she now manage her emotions and knows how to reset when she needs to.

She is now happier in herself, is feeling great in her clothes & is feeling far more energised!

She has learnt & achieved so much during our time together. I'm delighted & proud to share she has gone on to lose a further 6 inches!

Huge congratulations!


Featured Client

"Using Lisa has been a game changer. I can not tell you how much my mindset & diet has changed."

When this lady first reached out, she felt she was following a really healthy diet & in her words "I don't know what she's (as in me) going to change."

She was feeling the effects of the per-menopause, felt tired all the time, she had an unhealthy relationship with food & was significantly over training as she "didn't want to put on weight."

She wanted to feel better in herself, make better choices, she wanted to be more toned particularly around her tummy as she "couldn't seem to shift" & ultimately change her mindset towards food.

Following a vegan diet, she was heavily supplementing due to things she had read online & on social media.

6 weeks later & look! You can already see more definition. Her energy levels have massively increased, she is no longer taking all the various supplements, has reduced her training & has lost a whopping 9.1 inches!

Huge congratulations as she too, has travelled so far in a short space of time.


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