Debbie Johnston

I'm delighted to introduce you to Debbie, who like many had struggled over the years with constant  yo yo "dieting." She didn't feel good about herself, her clothes felt uncomfortably tight, she lacked energy, motivation & had battled with an unhealthy relationship with food over the years, where she had been a secret eater. She desperately wanted to find a way where she could still enjoy all the foods & drinks she liked, become a healthier, happier version of herself whilst achieving her weight management goals in a sustainable way for life.
I've just completed an 8 week journey with Lisa. I knew it was the right time for me, remained a little sceptical as I had never worked with someone remotely and it did concern me as I'm not tech savvy.. WHY DID I WORRY! This has turned out to be the best investment I've ever made in myself. I was a member of Slimming World for 30 odd years on & off, but never achieved anything significant. Lisa, in 8 weeks has shown me how I can eat 3 delicious healthy meals a day, achieve my weight/inch loss goals & never be hungry or feel like I'm missing out. I felt comfortable to confide in her about my unhealthy relationship with food over the years ( she now knows things that I didn't know until she worked her magic) and for me this light bulb moment. I am now equipped with the knowledge and tools that I need to continue my journey, I can look at myself with kind eyes, and make delicious tasting food that also looks appetising! For helping me to achieve not only the knowledge but a whole new mindset, Lisa I shall be eternally grateful to you. Thank you ❤

In addition to the above, Debbie told me that her whole mindset had changed, previously she would have been terrified to eat carbs.

She now feels in control, is able to manage her snacking, has a healthy relationship with food, believes in herself, is more positive & feels good about herself. To quote Debbie "it's easy when you have the tools."

Huge congratulations Debbie, I am super proud of everything you have achieved, thank you for choosing me to help you.

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