Jo Cook

Everyone please meet Jo. Being perimenopausal, she didn't like how she looked & felt, she constantly weighed herself, sometimes twice a day. A busy Mum & with a family business she was always rushing from one place to another, feeling totally unorganised & grabbing what she could on the go. In her earlier days, she had sadly experienced a hard time at school which had affected her self confidence, which had ultimately led to her becoming anxious in certain situations & talking negatively about herself. For Jo she wanted to fit back in her clothes, feel good about herself, become healthier, to feel more energised & motivated & without giving up the things she enjoyed.
Wow! What can I say..Lisa is an amazing coach really  knows her stuff. I had tried all sorts of "diets" and nothing ever worked for me, nothing was sustainable in real everyday life. I had a holiday booked & was getting really depressed about fitting into my swimming cozzy. But in 8 weeks following Lisa's advice I managed to lose over 50cm in body fat. I went on my holiday and I felt good in my swimming cozzy 😀 all thanks to Lisa. She really is the most lovely lady with an amazing talent, and would highly recommend.

For someone who felt she never exceeded at anything, doubted herself, she has come so so far.

Now leading a much healthier lifestyle not just for her but her family too, Jo has learnt how to make simple quick, easy, healthy meals, whilst keeping the firm family favourites in the diet.

Not only has she learnt through this experience how to manage her busy lifestyle & to become more organised but she is finally beginning to like what she sees when she looks in the mirror, is being kinder to herself, feeling more confident, energised & motivated.

Whilst achieving all these amazing things Jo has learnt not to deprive herself, enjoys her meals out with the family, knows how to reset if she has had an unhealthier day & no longer weighs herself on a regular basis.

I'm super proud of everything Jo has achieved, and feel honoured she reached out to me to help her.

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If you're waiting for the perfect or right time, that time may never come, as we will always have things going on, that's life!

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