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"If you always do, what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got"

I love this quote from Henry Ford, it's one that I came across in my banking career, it's so true and one you can apply to pretty much everything!  So, today I'm talking goal setting and the benefits that will bring whatever your goal maybe & if you don't have one, get one!
A specific goal will give purpose, structure, focus, may push us outside our comfort zone and also give reward.

Goal Setting

Now is as a good a time as any, to set ourselves a challenge or a new goal, it's amazing what can be achieved in 6 or so weeks!

I thought I'd share the above photos with you, as these demonstrate to me personally, what can be achieved through goal setting & the benefits that brings.

The photo on the left-hand side is a photo of me back in October 2016, looking a bit disheveled following my very first half marathon; The Great West Run in Exeter.

I had over the years, dabbled in a bit of running but not consistently and not at any great distance.

Following a conversation with a colleague at work in April 2016, who had already registered for the event, I decided to enter too, but at the time not really believing I could do it.

Sadly my colleague had to drop out, I must admit I was tempted to pull out myself, but my mind was set, I had a training plan I'd devised, I was determined, motivated & I did it!

The second photo on the right, is me in 2020,  now a qualified Nutrition & Weight Management Adviser, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor.

I would never have thought that less than 4 years later I would be in this incredible, rewarding position, running my own business, with no better purpose than to help people become healthier versions of themselves & literally transforming their lives!

All achieved, through setting myself very specific goals in 2019, following my 32 year career in banking.


Take the opportunity!

As we all know, it's all about mindset & self-belief, if you truly believe you can - you WILL!

I'd really urge anyone to set yourself a goal and use it as an opportunity and not as a barrier.

A specific goal will give purpose, structure, focus, may push us outside our comfort zone and also give reward.

  1. How about learning something new? There are lots of online courses to choose from out there.
  2. Is there anything you've always wanted to do or had a passion for?
  3. How about a new hobby?

Other than their respective weight loss/management goals, many of my clients have also set additional but very different goals to their weight goals, which is so inspiring.

That's all because they are now more motivated, energised & happier version of themselves - boom!

If this has inspired you to set a goal, whatever that maybe, please get in touch I'd love to hear from you.

Remember you can achieve anything you want to, if you want it enough.

Stay healthy & safe

Lisa x

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