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Food Cravings

Firstly, don't beat yourself up! We all get them!

Is this you?

It's the time of the month, or those hormones are just playing havoc again, do you find yourself frequently ferreting in the kitchen cupboards searching for those sugary snacks you're sure you bought a while ago & hid away? Your body is telling you, you need to find them & find them now!

Food cravings - what triggers them?

Well, there are a number of reasons that potentially come into play. It could be from what you consume in your current diet, it could be more psychological or indeed it could be those hormones.

Studies & research suggests that those of who us who crave regularly are more likely to be bored or anxious, with a low mood often occurring before a food craving.

How to manage them:

Firstly, don't beat yourself up! We all get them! 

There are however some ways that we can use to help manage them. 

These can range from:

  1. Learning to listen to your body - Am I hungry or is it a craving? If it's a specific food then it's probably a craving if it's anything and if the tummy is rumbling then it's more likely to be hunger.
  2. Understanding your current diet - what types of food and drinks are you consuming? Have you got a good balance of macronutrients across your meals?
  3. Activity - If you engage in exercise when are you working out? Some research suggests that an early work out can change the way the brain responds to pictures of food! However, everyone is different and if you're not doing any form of exercise whether that's brisk walking, cycling, strength based, running etc could this help?
  4. Just do it! - Satisfy that craving but without over indulging.

These are all techniques I work on with my clients, to find a way which works for them without excluding those things that they are craving!

Final thoughts:

If you would like some 1:2:1 support to help you manage any weight management challenges you may be experiencing, please do get in touch. I'd love to help you too.

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Take good care

Lisa x

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