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How I plan to combat weight gain for the Menopause

Before I talk about what happens to us in our 40's & the steps I am taking to ensure I am in the best of health & shape in my 50's to help me manage the next chapter of my life, whatever you do, it does all start with the diet. Fact!
Aside from getting married, and when I was 46 I finally introduced resistance training into my weekly routine.

What happens in our 40's?

Before I share an overview of the things I did in my 40's to prepare myself for the next chapter of my life, I'll start with just a few things that may start to happen in our 40's.

We all know about the menopause, which I'll come onto in a moment, but what about somatopause?

For those of you who may not be aware somatopause is the gradual decline of somatotropin or growth hormone, which tends to happen in this decade (I think it may have happened at an earlier age for me!). This growth hormone to name a few functions, stimulates growth, cell reproduction & regeneration together with fat metabolism ( the breakdown and storage of fat).

Decreased muscle mass, increased fat, reduced libido and energy may also be experienced. Falling levels of oestrogen and progesterone - changes consistent with perimenopause also contribute to our body composition. When our oestrogen levels drop, fat storage tends to switch from hips and thighs to the abodomen.

Studies show that this in turns, increased our risk of heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, colorectal cancer & Alzheimer's disease.

What did I do in my 40's?

The best thing I did in when I was 40 was marry my husband! Aside from getting married, and when I was 46 I finally introduced resistance training into my weekly routine.

Up until that point & during my late 30's & early 40's, I had always used work as an excuse as to why I did not have time to engage in much physical exercise. My career at the time, took me away from home, either travelling significant distances, staying in hotels for a big proportion of the week, working late into the evenings, weekends and not having a lot of "me time".

When I was approaching 46, experiencing a fourth time of redundancy in my working life, I was fortunate to secure a role which was finally closer to home. A minimum of 100 mile round trip, but closer to home - I'd finally got the opportunity for a work-life balance.

Following the change in role and a holiday of a life time where I re-discovered my love for fitness classes, I decided to make some positive changes to my life; our life.

That's when I found a really good fitness instructor, running a combination of different classes, with a great group of people, many still remain firm friends, despite leaving the group when I qualified last year. 

The positive changes I made in my 40's & continue now into my 50's

  1. Resistance Training - If you've seen my previous blogs (if not please check them out) you'll be reminded of the benefits of this type of training. It does not mean having to lift heavy weights, using pure body strength, functional exercises to support everyday activities (walking, bending, pushing, pulling etc) these are all great for protecting, building muscle mass & strengthening the bones/skeletal system for our later years.
  2. Cardiovascular Activity - simply going out for brisk walks coupled with some running when I can - generally just moving!
  3. Healthy Food Choices in the main - I have always tended to eat relatively healthy, and now very balanced, but I have experienced some decades which were better than others! I am now, the healthiest, strongest and fittest I have been, with the exception of probably being a little fitter last year than I am now.
  4. Reduced Alcohol - Those who know me well, will know I know how to have a good time! Whilst I still do drink when I am able to socially, it's nowhere near, like I used to. Going weeks on end without partaking was unheard of! Personally, I have seen a number of benefits; I sleep better, I make better food choices, I no longer waste days where I am fit for nothing, I am more energised and feel better in myself. That said, I will still indulge from time to time, especially, I am sure, when we can meet up with friends again!
  5. Help other people - I am now in a privileged position to do what I love, running my own business helping and sharing my knowledge with clients, who now, are also transforming their lives and achieving their weight management goal

Final thoughts..

It does all however start with the diet, once you get the diet in a better position, all the other benefits will improve - sleep, more energy, positivity, weight management

If you are also looking to combat any weight gain which you may have or may be experiencing, or wanting to improve your diet then I'd love to hear from you - and it doesn't matter where you live, I can help.

Please take a look at my reviews to see what my clients say about working with me.

Stay healthy, safe & take good care

Lisa x

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